Case Studies

You’re in great company

We love 3bExam. It’s extremely reliable and user-friendly, and the customer service is great.


New England DOT Physical

The biggest benefit since moving to 3bExam is not having to upload all the exams to the national registry, which saves time and money. The ease to use the program on an iPad is also tremendous.

Jeffrey L. Shirley


I highly recommend using 3bExam, as it is user-friendly, you gain a committed partnership, and you have the ability to give clients password protected access to pertinent information.

Gustavo Gutierrez

Vice President Health Care Center of Miami

The software is intuitive and flows seamlessly. 3bExam can improve the speed and accuracy of the DOT certification process for examiners and provide drivers and motor carriers with a more efficient and streamlined experience.

3bExam enables you to automatically upload your driver certification results into the online form — no more manually uploading examination results. I now use it daily to do my DOT physicals.

Randolph Rosarian

MD Queens, NY

We are very happy with the convenience offered by 3bExam. It was extremely easy to implement the software and train our staff and medical providers in using it. We particularly appreciate the benefit of the automatic upload feature for submitting DOT physicals to the national registry as well as the email reminders sent to our patients when they are approaching their renewal dates for DOT exams. The staff at 3bExam are friendly, efficient, and courteous, and provide excellent customer support.

Javier Ramirez

3bExam takes care of the reporting for our examiners, saving us a tremendous amount of time. 3bExam’s customer service team is prompt in resolving any questions or issues that arise, and they are always friendly.

Tiffany Phantakou

Medical Practice Manager Physicians Medical Care

This is a very nice program; 3bExam has really done its homework in producing a top-quality product.

Donald B. Williams

Certified Medical Examiner DOT Physicals, Drug and Alcohol Testing

It’s nice when a company listens to its users and makes improvements. I love the new version of 3bExam! Updates are slick, especially the document upload feature, which is great.

Lynette R. Siewert

Black Hills Occupational Medicine

I used to think that paper was fast, but 3bExam’s software is actually faster and saves me time on the back end with FMSCA submissions and record requests.

Dr. Aaron Pollock

I appreciate the ease of sending records to the FMCSA with the help of 3bExam. We used to struggle with printing documents and submitting them on time; however, with the help of 3bExam, we were able to submit the relevant documentation swiftly and easily with the use of a portal link accessible by the FMCSA. I definitely recommend using 3BExam and their secure portal.

Dr. Annette Stevko

FMCSA Medical Examiner Hollywood Chiropractic Center

Thank you for being patient with me when I was first learning how to use 3bExam. The more I engage with 3bExam, the more appreciative I become.

Dr. Jeffrey

S. Poritz Tampa, FL

I just hit 1,500 DOT physicals! 3B has been such a blessing…an amazing bit of software!

Dr. Kara Cox

Internal Medicine, Wichita, KS

You have a great product. You are always responsive when we have questions or problems — greatly appreciated.

Dennis Murphy

Self Regional Healthcare Occupational Med, Greenwood, SC

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