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Features of the 3bExam platform

Control center

This dashboard is where you can manage all of your activity at a glance - scheduling, pending determinations, in-process and recently completed exams, and many other variables.

Determination screen

This is where you receive alerts and indications. Simple, easy-to-use determination settings let you know about documents that need to be completed and any detected critical conditions.

Conditional alerts

These can be configured to warn you in advance about any limiting or disqualifying conditions regarding a customer.

Health history

To help you manage your workload, the 3bExam platform ensures that all the driver questions receive appropriate responses. If a driver has a particular condition, they are prompted for additional specific comments. It’s a foolproof system for encouraging drivers to elaborate on their health history when necessary.

Review tab

The review tab provides an at-a-glance snapshot of the driver’s answers regarding their current health condition, as well as any notes from the examiner during the driver’s previous visit. Examiners waste no time combing through reports looking for errors and omissions.

Drop-down menus

The 3bExam interface has intuitive, easy-to-use tabbed menus that open to show you everything you need to know about a certain function. Here we see the standard values and test results for urinalysis; there are similar tabs for vision, hearing, etc. This at-a-glance simplicity helps the examiner ensure everything is accurate and easy to document.

Additional convenience features

The 3bExam platform constantly adds new features to help examiners perform their job more thoroughly. An example is our optional Sleep feature, which screens for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is not included by default in the exam, but it is highly recommended that drivers are screened for this condition. Examiners who wish to add this to their process can set 3bExam to automatically question drivers on their sleep habits, and the results can be quickly referenced.

Final summary and auto-upload

Final summary tab displays the driver's exam details and the results of the final automated error check. After your confirmation, the results are automatically uploaded to the FMCSA website.

Documentation options

You can quickly and easily generate a wide range of documentation. You can print out reports, certificates, and other documents related to the employee’s condition, or create PDFs for emailing or archiving. You have options for creating certificates or the long forms or both, together or separately, and in different sizes.


Automatic notifications remind employees about appointments, renewal deadlines, or when a determination is pending and they need to return with more information.


Once scheduled for their exam, drivers can complete their part in advance via the 3bExam platform. This means examiners can get to work right away on their part of the exam when the driver arrives. Examiners can also create a library of frequently used comments to expedite the completion of future exams.

Client portal

Company clients appreciate the convenience of being able to log in and review their drivers’ information, download certificates, etc. The examiner has control over the information that is available to each client and the ability to set up multiple portal users.

Ongoing training and skills transfer

For organizations new to digital exam management, 3bExam provides training to help overcome any initial resistance to the transition from paper-based workflows. All 3bExam clients have access to the most recent FMCSA updates and a community of experienced exam professionals, medical experts, and technology partners.

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We work very closely with the FMCSA and are highly focused on building and supporting a compliant platform for examiners. These examiners understand that DOT physicals are federally regulated exams, and, as Certified Medical Examiners, they have the responsibility to adhere to FMCSA regulations and guidelines, always acting in the best interest of public safety.