Customer Story: Jason Bollenbaugh, DOT Physical Nashville

This DOT Medical Examiner describes his transition to paperless exams. He shares his favorite platform features and how they helped him rapidly expand his business while freeing up more of his time.
The following is an article by Jason Bollenbaugh, DC, a Certified DOT Medical Examiner and the owner of DOT Physical Nashville. Dr. Bollenbaugh is on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and has been performing DOT medical exams since 2003. His clients include national transportation firms Gray Line, Western Express, and Coca-Cola’s Red Classic transportation fleet.

The Problem

I began performing DOT exams in 2003 in addition to seeing my regular patients. In 2015, I opened a second clinic devoted solely to providing DOT physical exam services to local and over-the-road drivers. I was working with paper exams early on, which is a hassle of printing forms, making copies for the drivers to fill out, uploading results to the FMCSA website, and then storing the paper files.

As the DOT exam business grew, I began going on site to large trucking companies and driving schools. I found myself spending more and more time on the documentation, to the point where it became exhausting and a major limiter to growth. By the third year of my DOT business, I started to consider switching to electronic digital records (EHR) to help manage the paperwork.

I am a one-person office and wear many hats. 3bExam is almost like having an extra employee — it’s made my business much more efficient. It not only saves my time, it saves time for the drivers and companies who use my services.

Jason Bollenbaugh, DC
Owner/Physician/Certified DOT Medical Examiner
DOT Physical Nashville

The Solution

I did a demo with Rich and the staff of 3bExam where they walked me through their platform and it blew my mind with all the features. At the end of the demo, I was especially impressed when Rich told me they rely on month-to-month agreements with their clients instead of long-term contracts. If I wasn’t happy with their platform, there was no risk of being locked in to something that wasn’t working for me. That first month has now turned into over three years of using 3bExam.

3bExam has a lot of game-changing features, but the ones that stand out for me are Prefill, Auto-upload, Reminder, and Company Portal.


Being able to schedule a driver and send them a link to prefill the health questions before their appointment saves so much time for both me and the driver. When a driver gets to my office, their portion of the exam is already completed, so I can simply review it and then immediately start my procedures. This alone probably saves me 30–50% of the examination time compared to paper exams.


The FMCSA website is never easy to navigate and it is often down. 3bExam automatically uploads completed exams to the FMCSA website even if the website has gone offline. This feature has saved me so much time and so many headaches. I cannot even remember the last time I logged in to the FMCSA website!


The reminder feature is incredibly helpful for drivers to manage their certification schedules. It has also been beneficial for the growth of my business. If a driver opts in for reminders, 3bExam automatically sends them a notification 30 days before their medical certificate expires. The drivers really appreciate these reminders, and after 3+ years of 3bExam use, the repeat business has been great for me, too!

Client Portal

Possibly the biggest game changer for the growth of my business has been the client portal feature. I have won over several large motor carriers with this feature alone. It lets employers log in to manage their driver lists and information, run reports, schedule exams, and reprint certificates. Larger companies absolutely love this real-time access to their drivers’ documents and information. Safety managers love that they don’t have to track down a driver’s long forms or certificate, because they get copies sent to them the second it is done. The client portal is one of the biggest contributing factors to the customer loyalty I’ve built for my business over the years.

Lastly, FMCSA and DOT are always making changes to their forms. Keeping track of this is a hassle, but I need to know I always have the most up-to-date and compliant documentation. One thing to realize about 3bExam is that the software doesn’t allow you to make any mistakes with exam data or mess up any of the documentation. 3bExam updates their online forms the same day FMCSA/DOT make any changes. It’s great to know I don’t have to worry about these kinds of variables — this is one of the original reasons I considered an EHR.

Making the transition to 3bExam

There weren’t many setbacks along the way. There is a slight learning curve, and it does take a little time to become familiar with all the features and options of the software. But the staff at 3bExam have always been wonderful at answering questions and helping to troubleshoot any problems that arise. They are very quick to respond. They are five stars in customer service!

There have been huge transformations in my business and life since becoming a full time DOT examiner three years ago. My business continues to gain new clients every year, and 3bExam is a big part of that growth.

Jason Bollenbaugh, DC
Owner/Physician/Certified DOT Medical Examiner
DOT Physical Nashville

The Results

My DOT exam business continued to grow to the point that, in August 2018, I brought in a partner to help with larger clients. We started using 3bExam from the outset, and saw immediate results in the way the platform helped us process larger numbers of exams. Within a few months, we took 3bExam to Western Express, one of the largest trucking companies in the country. My partner and I are able to do almost 100 DOT physicals there per week. We could only achieve this volume of company exams — while maintaining our quality — with the help of 3bExam.

3bExam is truly an asset when partnering with companies large and small!

Jason Bollenbaugh, DC
Owner/Physician/Certified DOT Medical Examiner
DOT Physical Nashville


About DOT Physical Nashville

DOT Physical Nashville performs official US Department of Transportation physical exams for drivers and other employees in the transport sector. Their facility is located inside the TA Travel Center in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Jason Bollenbaugh is a Certified Medical Examiner for the DOT and has been performing medical exams since 2003.

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