When does the FMCSA require the new MER Forms?

As of 4/20/2016 All CME's will be required to use the new MCSA-5875 which replaces the current 649-F. In addition the Medical Examiners Certificate 5850 is replaced by the MCSA-5876. 3bExam will support these new form using our intelligent form interface.

Where can I get the new Forms?

As a 3bExam user, you will not need paper forms. Easily complete the required standard forms electronically using any browser.

What kind of computer do I need?

3bExam will run on any device with a browser and internet connection. Computer, Laptop, Tablet/iPad. Even a smartphone.

How long do I have to report results to the FMCSA web site?

Currently you have until the end of the following month to report results. As of 6/22/2018 this will change to Midnight local time of the day following the exam. 3bExam currently reports results on the same day for qualified and disqualified drivers.  We also report “no exams performed” at the end of each month to satisfythe FMCSA requirement.

How is 3bExam different from the DOT web site?

With 3bExam it is not necessary to login to the National Registry site. 3bExam gives you a data entry web form to easily enter the 5876 information which is similar to the DOT site. But we give you much more! Complete the entire exam process electronically including the 5875 long form (via browser), print Medical Examiner's Certificates, run reports, send driver notifications and e-mail reminders, manage documents and give clients access through a company portal.

Is there an annual commitment?

There is NO annual commitment. Just pay your monthly per examiner price. You can cancel at any time without penalty or additional cost.

What about other exam types?

3bExam was designed with the needs of occupational health examiners in mind and allows you to manage all your exam types in one place. If there are specific requirements for the exams you perform let us know. We are always willing to enhance the capabilities to meet your needs!

Do you offer discounts for large practices with multiple locations and large numbers of examiners?

We can offer additional discounts and special pricing for certain clients with a significant number examiners using 3bExam. Just contact us - we will work with you.

What about support and training?

3bExam is very easy to use and we have a quickstart guide and we offer unlimited support during regular business hours.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the DOT Exam Process or the new rules?

As a recognized industry leader, 3bExam can connect you with a DOT Exam expert to provide you with the information you need. Contact us by email or phone.